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We at Gilchrist Business Brokers are very passionate about hotels and our brokers have been behind the bar. We also specialise in Poker Machine Entitlements, Permits and Licences. We have an extensive list of hotels, motels and other related businesses for sale and lease.

We are immersed in the hotel industry which has grown through referrals and the development of a reputation as a company with the highest honesty and integrity combined with the knowledge and experience necessary to get transactions done in today's challenging business environment. Contact our experienced brokers today for a confidential discussion.


February 2014      
FH1402790 New England FH1401787 Central West LH1402789 New England
March 2014      
LH1403793 Central West
April 2014      
LH1403800 Riverina
May 2014      
FH1404803 Central West Motel LH1405808 North West FH1405809 Armatree Hotel POA LH1405806 North West
FH1405805 North West FH1405810 Central West
June 2014      
FH1406817 Northern Rivers FH1406820 Mid North Coast LH1406821 Mid North Coast LH1406819 Central West
July 2014      
LH1407824 Central West LH1407828 New England
August 2014    
LH1408829 Central West LH1408831 Central West EOI FH1407826 Riverina FH1408832 Central NSW
September 2014    
FH1409834 Narrabri EOI 8/10/14 FH1409835 Central West LH1408833 North Coast
October 2014    
FH1410837 Tweed Valley FH1410841 Northern NSW LH1409836 Hunter Valley LH1410840 Young EOI 20/11/14
FH1410839 Young EOI 20/11/14  
November 2014    
FI1411844 Central West Investment FH1411845 Central West NSW FH1411843 Central West NSW
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